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A Complete Beginners’ Guide on Play To Earn Crypto Gaming

So, you are a newbie in the play-to-earn gaming world? Well, you are welcome to the money king community. If you have been looking for ways to convert your passion for playing video games into money, here’s an excellent opportunity to explore. 

Playing to earn games has created a new face in the gaming industry. They have been the primary reason people are getting financial freedom without leaving the comfort of their homes. Amazingly, some had to quit their jobs to make themselves full-time video game players to maximize their chances to earn as much as they had always expected.  

In reality, Play makes it easier for players to make money as their winning odds are generally high. You can also have a financial breakthrough as a video game player, but you need to learn how to go about the thing; in this article, you will learn the nitty-gritty of how Play to earn works and what you are required to do Play, and what you stand to gain. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

What Is Play-to-earn Gaming?

If you don’t know, play-to-earn gaming is a new trend in the gaming industry. Players can farm or collect digital assets and sell those at their leisure. That concept is possible through blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT), allowing user-to-user interactions and actual ownership of digital items. In addition, you can sell items for cryptocurrency and convert them to real money. 

People from different countries make huge amounts of money from these blockchain games. More specifically, there have been players who made a huge fortune from video games than they would earn informal employment. Of course, that concept won’t translate well for everybody in the world. Still, there are several money-making opportunities for people who care to try out new things. Players will need to acquire one Non-fungible Token (NFT) to play the game and make money to recover that investment. Not all gamers make that happen unless they have dedicated hours a day to play. 

Several types of games have adopted the play-to-earn model. One can play MMORPGs, shooters, action games, fighting games, racing games, etc. The new gaming industry is taking shape. Even mainstream publishers show interest in non-fungible tokens (NFT) for their games. There are merits to this concept, as it motivates players to give more attention and win cash. Players can dare to collect every item they can find or try to make money. 

Ultimately, these NFT play-to-earn games will blur the line between the virtual world and the real world. Many Play-to-earn games want to create a presence in the Metaverse and on the Web3. Giving people worldwide an opportunity to accrue NFTs and earn an income. Moreover, NFTs gain more use in the crypto industry, including staking options for more rewards and using them as collateral for borrowing or lending. 

Advantages of Play To Earn Games

Developers exploring NFT play-to-earn gaming can benefit from this concept. It serves as an incredible incentive for players to play the game. The promise of earning tokens and converting them into real-world money is attractive. Although not everyone will become rich from playing these games, they can still catch a fun experience with economic incentives.

In addition, these games created opportunities for advertisements. It remains crucial to make money with a game as a developer. The use of blockchain introduces multiple options for sponsored tournaments, such as traditional advertisements. Additionally, suppose the game adopts NFT-based land spots. They can be sold to interested players. The developer can earn a commission from resales or other financial activities on those plots. 

For players, the model creates an exciting market. While most are drawn to earning rewards, it creates a broader and more diverse gaming ecosystem. Some Play to earn games will be accessible through mobile devices, whereas you may need a PC or console for others. However, they will provide ways to collect Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that players can convert into real money.

One aspect about Play to earn games is how they are not necessarily free-to-play. Most games require gamers to own an NFT before enjoying these new opportunities. Buying NFT can be cheap or expensive; thus, you need careful research to determine if the P2E game has long-term feasibility. 

Will Play-To-Earn Games Become The Future?

It’s hard to determine how successful Play-to-earn gaming will be in the nearest future. The current iteration of the concept demands attention because it’s new, and lots of people have made a huge amount of money from these opportunities. Furthermore, over 1,300 play-to-earn games have been launched on various blockchains, with tons of new P2E games every week. Retaining users will be a critical challenge in the long run, as players can opt for new games in an eye.

NFT Utility And Simple Economies Are Key

Traditionally, an in-game NFT can be used as a character or sold on credible marketplaces. To create a lasting ecosystem, NFTs need more utility and usability. Battle Drones NFTs span several features, including in-game avatars, in-game perks, play-to-earn elements, staking, lending, etc. The game will introduce long-term monetization options while providing multiple gaming experiences for players to enjoy.

Gameplay-wise, the first generation of Play earn games provides a fun approach that grows stale in the long run. There is little interaction with other players, and the PvE experience remains unchanged after a while. Battle Drones uses a solid multiplayer environment to create exceptional gameplay scenarios. Most importantly, it supports multiple play styles and new ways for gamers to out-skill their opponents. Moreover, it removes any pay-to-win concerns gamers may have.

Final Words 

One of the flashy benefits of this new generation of Play-to-earn games is how they focus on a single in-game currency. Previous video games used different currencies, which confused players or created unnecessary blockades to entry. Always research play to earn blockchain games and see how many currencies they have before you choose to participate. It may be too tedious to be worthwhile if it’s more than two. 

Top 6 Benefits of Investing In Play-To-Earn GALA Games

I have been very conversant with the new gaming; you may not have heard about play-to-earn games that help people make money while catching fun. Gala Games is a crypto-based online video game that enables people to earn in-game tokens converted to real-life money. Upon conversion, you can transfer your money to the bank or withdraw cash to pay your daily bills and expenses. 

As a result, recent years have seen an explosion in the play-to-earn gaming industry with the fusion of Blockchain and Metaverse. GALA Games is one such project that’s making waves for users globally.

What Is GALA Games About?

GALA Games is a blockchain-gaming play-to-earn platform that aims to give gamers an exciting and rewarding gaming experience and permit them to earn as they play. It’s been around for a while, and we want you to see why this might be an excellent place to have fun and earn.

Founders and Statistics of User

If you’ve played Mafia Wars or Poker or Farmville, that means you’re a Galatian, and this is why.

Eric Schiermeyer, Co-Founder of Zynga, a social and mobile game company, inspired the development of those games mentioned above.

However,  in July 2019, he launched this play to earn to give users a more exciting experience in the Blockchain space, where they can have more control over what is created and make money having fun. 

Mind the words “play-to-earn.”

Since launching in 2019, Gala Games has grown to 1.3 million monthly active users, and 26,000 NFTs have been sold, with the most expensive piece valued at $3 million. That’s quite impressive for a barely one year-plus-old project.

The Blockchain

It runs on the Ethereum network, which is one of the most viable Blockchain structures for developing utilities. Although, gas fees are a significant downside. With this in view, Polygon became a better option as a layer 2 platform on Ethereum other than the layer 1 structure.

The Top 6 Benefits of Playing Gala Games

1. Ownership structure

Previous games have shown that players could spend lots of money to play games but nothing to show for it other than the excitement. With play-to-earn games like GALA, players use NFTs and other utilities in a decentralized network, giving them ownership as they are involved in the playing process. So as a player, you can decide to sell your NFTs after playing with them for a while and earn some cool cash. That’s the beauty of games and Defi put together.

2. Partnerships

Many partnerships are going on for the GALA play-to-earn game, but one of the best we’ve seen is with The New World. On Aug. 18, 2021, Gala Games announced its partnership with 888 The New World, a digital art marketplace built and run by artists. All of these are driven by a community-focused vision to allow artists and gamers to get rewarded for the work they do and enjoy.

3. Supply of the GALA token

The current circulation of GALA is 6.9 billion, with a max supply of 36 billion. 17.1 million GALA is targeted to be distributed daily between Jul. 21 2021 and Jul. 20 2022. And then, every Jul. 21, the daily distribution of the GALA cryptocurrency will be halved. 

(Several speculations show that one advantage of halving in the crypto space is reducing supply. If all things are equal, prices will go up, and that’s more profit for holders.) That means there will be a daily distribution of 8.5 million GALA from Jul. 21, 2022, to Jul. 20 2023… and it continues. Where to buy and sell GALA?

One of the signals to look out for when analyzing a crypto asset is the platforms where the asset is listed. Binance remains one of the most trusted exchanges. Other platforms include OKEx, Mandala Exchange, Huobi Global, and FTX. 

4. Variety and ease of Games

The gala play-to-earn game was designed to house many games with different experiences.

  • Town Star is a town simulation game where play to earn players manage a town they own. It can be played in a browser as well
  • Fortified is a player-versus-player tower defense game. Players compete by building the best tower defense strategies to defend their tower against attacks.
  • Mirandus shows an epic fantasy game (RPG) staged in a massive territory controlled by five player-monarchs. As the players win in battles, they get rights to own conquered lands like small farms and cities.
  • Echoes of Empire is another game to earn game designed to depict a galaxy at war. Each player owns spaceships used for battle against opponents.
  • Spider Tank is a multiplayer play-to-earn game where players pick a “spider tank” and fight with each other. Though it’s a free-to-play game, it contains in-game earning mechanisms. 

5. Community Driven

Previously, games were developed and released to users with little or no participation from the users. However, with Blockchain-based projects, community reliance is critical with platforms like discord and telegram. And Gala Game is not left out of this.

So the community influences what games are designed, the changes implemented in the designs, and approvals through community votes.

6. Consensus structure

Consensus structure or mechanism talks about how any particular blockchain project wants to make agreements or decisions regarding its network activities and rewards. For the Gala Node ecosystem, there are three different consensus mechanisms:

  • Proof-of-Work (PoW) represents the founders’ mode.
  • Proof-of-Stake (PoS) represents the paid nodes.
  • Proof-of-Storage, free nodes that will make the game less reliant on centralized systems like Amazon S3.

This structure gives it more strength with flexibility. For GALA Games, it’s not just hype. It’s entertainment, community, and reward for engagement.


Gala games are one of the most lucrative play-to-earn games available in the present market. Since it’s primarily for money-making purposes, the developers of this game deliberately created it to make earnings easy. If you are ready to join the play to earn community, Gala games can be a choice. 

Tips on how to select the best play-to-earn game

So, you’ve not heard about play-to-earn games? You’re missing a lot of opportunities and great chances. Have you seen people making it big around you? And what do you think when you see them holding their mobile phones, and they look serious as someone doing a severe online business? You must have been looking at them as an unserious type. You can assume and judge them by saying they are wasting precious time. But yet you see them doing great things in life. 

Honestly, you need to move closer to them. Do you know that the gaming world is improving? Do you know that you can play some games and earn money? Perhaps, play-to-earn games are the brain behind those you see smiling and having fun with their phone, yet they are not begging for food. Trust me; you need to rise and do the needful. The world is going virtual ultimately. What we all count as a waste of time in the olden days is the one making people relevant and moving them forward. So, you should proceed with the cloud. Please join the league of people that are making it in the gaming world.

However, there are countless play-to-earn games today. But you have to choose the best one that suits you. Then, how will you know the one that suits you? There’s nothing to worry about. This write-up is here to do justice to that. But you have a role to play. Your part is to pay attention and shun all distractions right now. 

But before I provide the details, I want to take you through the meaning of play-to-earn games. Explaining the significance of play-to-earn games will serve as background knowledge. 

What are play-to-earn games? 

Play to earn games are video games that come with a massive reward. There’s an enormous connection between these games and blockchain technology. So, when you see a video game that yokes cryptocurrency to tip or reward players with something tangible that has real-world and a computer-generated world value. Rewards given are non-fungible tokens, crypto coins unique tokens that can be used to prove the proprietorship of content like music or images. Therefore, as the name suggests, you should know that play-to-earn games are games that join the fun with rewards. They are games that are created to turn people’s lives around. With the rewards attached to these games, these games are now ruling the world. Like, no one is willing to play games for fun alone these days when you know that there are games you can play and there’ll be an increase to your income. 

How do I pick the best play-to-earn games?

The first thing you need to do is understand the term “play-to-earn games.” If you know this concept, you’ll have to start looking or searching for the best that suits you. Remember, I said earlier that there are several play-to-earn video games. So you must carefully look for the one that suits you. Then, how do you do that? Below are things you need to consider before picking or selecting a video game to make money;

  1. Traits: It is expedient for you to choose based on your qualities. There are several areas in video games. For instance, if you are a football lover, you’ll see a play-to-earn game with that football flavour. If you love football, you can start playing Sorare. Sorare is a game that fits your trait. Therefore, let me give you a clue about what this game is all about. This play-to-earn game (Sorare) is a crypto-based imaginary football game with blasted popularity of being both credibly amusing and rewarding in one place. It was established by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort in 2018. The milestone of this unique game can extensively increase its content to bring players with approved football players from two hundred and twenty-seven teams. I mean teams like Arsenal, Manchester City and Barcelona. The gameplay of this unique game is straightforward as a classic football match from actual performances of players in battles that are real. As a player, one can be a manager. And your duty as a manager is to draft players. On the other hand, if your area of interest is to play games full of actions, breaking missions and adventures, countless rounds of this nature will reward you bountifully.
  2. Consider the nature of the coin in the game: You need to look into this as well carefully. There are games that their coins are not popular in the marketplace. Their NFTs are not as popular as Axie, MBOX etc. So, if you choose to play the game that its coin is not popular, you might not see anyone that will buy those coins from you. Therefore, it is expedient for you to look into this aspect carefully.

 Some Non-fungible tokens are still crawling. People’s eyes are not on them. Hence, you must do thorough research on this before choosing or selecting a video game. I have seen someone who plays a game, and he hasn’t seen anyone buy the coins allocated to him in that game. If he had taken some time to know the currency reigning on the Ethereum blockchain, for instance, he might not have even engaged in the game. I am saying this to guide you.

List of some play-to-earn games you’ll like 

  • Axie Infinity
  • Sorare
  • League of Kingdoms
  • Crazy kings
  • Decentraland
  • Splinterland 
  • Forest Knight
  • Mobox
  • God’s Unchained

The above-listed games are play-to-earn games that will reward you bountifully. For Instance, Axie Infinity has close to two million active users. Also, Axie Infinity made up to one billion dollars in sales in 2021. So, you won’t regret playing any of these games. However, don’t forget to learn more about this game before playing them. Learning about them will help you know if they are meant for you.


Dear reader, hopefully, this article is doing something in your life right now. Why not share the link to this page with friends and families? Then, if you have any questions regarding this topic, please drop them in the comment box. 

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Axie Infinity Game
The Risk in Axie Infinity Game and the Solution

Risks are inevitable when it comes to online stuff because everyday cybercriminals are after every online business to create a threat.

Axie Infinity Game

Axie Infinity is indifferent to this fact too, and most significantly, the popularity of the Axie Infinity game attracted the online scammer to infringe into the game in other to steal. Also, the involvement of Cryptocurrency in the Axie Infinity game brought more threats to the game.              

Before you Play Axie Infinity, try to understand the risk involved and be educated on how Cryptocurrency works. Every investor should know about the sudden ups and downs of Cryptocurrency. 

This article will open your eyes to the Axie Infinity game’s risk and discuss possible solutions that will guide you from losing anything. You don’t have to fret, the risk is average, but awareness and solution are the best. It will be safer and better to deal with the risk before investing hugely.

There are some possible risks we’ll carefully consider. They include:


Hackers are one of the terrible dangers in any online business that makes it risky for people to invest. They are online criminals who create a fake site that resemble the official site of Axie Infinity to hack some personal information of the users to steal from them.

These hackers uses many mediums to spread the impersonated site like Google ads, social networks, Playstore directing people click and all of this lead to a fake site where they generate information of users.learn more about Axie Infinity game’s risk Click here


There are several ways to stop this online theft from infringing on players’ personal information. The Infinite news has said there is no free Axies and SLP, so ignore it if any site brings such an advert to you.

Because some of them will bring exciting and promising ads that the Axie Infinity did not promise. Also, Axie Infinity will not ask anyone from the Axie Infinity technical support to attend to users directly. 

One of the ways the hackers infringe into the user’s account is by asking them to log in with their Ronin Wallet details, and through that, they gain access to your account and steal from you. Be careful of how you supply your information.

Another risk to consider is timing consciousness. Earning SLP every day requires you to be checking it regularly, so failure to do that will affect your earnings. The more time you spend on the game determines, the more you earn. Time is also a significant factor that can affect earning.

Another way to stop them is to activate the Two-Step authentication. This step supports and gives two security layers that will disallow online scammers to log into your account.

Another way to curb the risk is using a password. Always know that your password is as important as the profit you want to make; if your password is lost is like losing the profit because that password is your access to where you kept your earnings.

It is of high necessity to use a unique password to keep the hackers away from your part. Your solid and unique password will highly protect your account and give it maximum security.

Meanwhile, be careful of using one password for all your registration because once they discover one account login, others are log in details will be hacked.  In addition, getting information from the official site gives maximum security. Before getting involved in the game or any service, go through the official site and read thoroughly for helpful information before starting. 

The official site’s information will help you discover the scammer when they come with promises. Be careful. There are ways these cybercriminals generate Email addresses, and with that, they will send fraudulent emails to people.  

The popularity of Axie Infinity brings a lot of cybercriminals to target the players to steal from them. So be careful of attending to an email address as regards Axie Infinity.

 Don’t follow any information if it’s not from the official site. The official site will not ask for your login detail, and the technical support will only direct you back to the official site.

Another risk is when you log in to different systems. The use of other systems to log in is not only dangerous, but it makes your account vulnerable. When you log in on another system, it makes your account details open to cybercriminals.

The involvement of Cryptocurrency in the Axie Infinity has its own risk too. Even though players earn in Cryptocurrency and exchange it for real money, whatever happens to Cryptocurrency will also affect the conversion rate. 

Cryptocurrency is sweet and can pump rewards and double the earnings. Cryptocurrency can be complicated because the terminology may look like jargon to a cryptocurrency novice. That is why the player should understand the ways and rules of Cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency is a booster, and Axies NFTs can experience overvaluation and hyperinflation. Cryptocurrency tends to fall anytime because Cryptocurrency is Volatile. Taking time to understand Cryptocurrency may help investors learn when to invest and when to cash out. Every player should always have that in mind; when deflation happens in the rate of Cryptocurrency, it tells on the users too, and it will affect every investment. 

In conclusion, every player and investor should firstly consider all risks but invest real money in the game. You can invest in Axie Infinity as much as you want, but first, consider the risks and be educated. 

Axie Infinity has a platform that can protect your investment and your rewards. Axie Infinity has an economy that can cater to every player, but their sufficiency does not cater to players’ negligence and carelessness. 


This article contains very crucial information. I put the information together to create awareness about risks that can be futile and provide the possible solution to know how to go about it.

Axie Infinity is a reliable online business that has built a good name around the globe over the years. Still, the risks are just normal to experience to be vigilant.

Axie Infinity: The New Alternative to Fulltime Jobs
Axie Infinity: The New Alternative to Fulltime Jobs

While growing up, we were told not to dedicate most of our time to playing games. “No severe person commits his time for games. “ those were the direct words of my mother. Of course, video games come to this seemingly demonic addiction, which makes young adults leave many things for their lives and waste their time playing the game.

Axie Infinity: The New Alternative to Fulltime Jobs

Honestly, I wouldn’t blame them for their judgment. In reality, as at then, video games used to be mainly for pleasure and fun. However, the introduction of Axie Infinity and other play-to-earn games has brought a different perspective to gaming. As we speak, NFT games have become a newly discovered means of earning a fortune. 

How real is that? Allow me to elaborate.

Axie Infinity is the most famous amongst the NFT games available. Having millions of participants playing the game worldwide, you will find one out of every ten of the younger population in different developing countries playing Axie Infinity. Even though you have not participated in the game, you have become a plus one to the number of those who have heard about it. And you may tell a friend. Hence, the game becomes more popular.

How do you feel to know you can earn real-life money while playing a video game? I am not talking about betting. I mean, you can earn some rewards in a game and use those rewards to pay your real-life daily bills, purchase groceries, pay rent, and many more. 

Can you earn real-life money in a game? Yes. You heard me right. In Axie Infinity, you earn tokens to convert to real-life money and settle your bills. For that result, people have started to consider the game as a sure means to generate income. 

Because of its substantial financial opportunities, many people are playing the game to multiply their income streams. While some see Axie Infinity part-time side hustle, others decide to dedicate their 24 hours to play the game to earn. To increase income by clicking here   

The Philippines Axie Infinity story 

in the Philippines, many vibrant youths have quit their jobs to take Axie Infinity full-time. That population includes game addicts and those who don’t like playing games. You may know why people had to take such a radical step for a mere video game. It’s logical. 

Axie Infinity allows the Philippines to earn beyond the minimum wage of 537.00 pesos. You need to be sincere with this question: if you are in that country, would you have preferred to stay with employment that fetches you lesser than what you can earn in a game in a few days? No way! Little wonder, most of the Philippines youth are active participants in the Axie Infinity community. 

The Philippines has the highest number of Axie Infinity players based on statistics. Aside from the young unemployed people that took the financial buoyancy advantage, even the older adult who has lost the strength to run the rat race chasing funds has embraced ‘earn at the comfort of your home opportunity.

Meanwhile, that widespread acceptance of the Axie infinity game is not just a trend in the Philippines. A different class of people from every part of the world takes rare advantage. 

Would you also mind considering this new golden financial opportunity? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get started. 

Hints on how to start playing Axie Infinity 

To participate in the ever-growing Axie Infinity community, the first step is to download the app on your gadget. Note that Axie Infinity runs perfectly on different OS and a wide variety of game-compatible devices. You can play Axie Infinity on your PC or smartphone using Microsoft Windows or Android. learn more about how to play axie infinity by clicking here

To download the app, visit the official website. When you finish installing the game on your gadget, the next thing is to get your starter team of three Axies. This initial investment seems to be the most challenging part of your earning process. According to complaints received from aspiring players, they could not participate in the Axie community because they couldn’t afford to purchase the initial three Axies.

As of writing, the cheapest Axie in the Axie Infinity community is 0.05 Ethereum – that is about $26. However, buying expensive Axies does not guarantee constant winnings. In some instances, you can earn more using cheap Axies to trade. What works best is to have top-notch team morale. I mean, you will have to compare the Axies’ cards and stats. That way, you can be sure of making an informed decision.

Although, getting funds to buy the initial starter team of Axies can be a significant barrier. However, there is a way out. You can take advantage of the numerous scholarship programs available for aspiring players who cannot afford the funds to make the initial investment. Axie Infinity Scholarship programs are a good escape route to start earning without purchasing Axies. Learn more about infinity Scholarship at

You can find numerous scholarship programs on Axie Infinity’s official Discover Server. After you have been accepted as a member of the program, you can enjoy several benefits, including a series of training from experienced players, profit sharing, and many more. 

How much can you earn playing Axie infinity?

Indeed, you can make as much as you desire in playing Axie Infinity. All you need to do is commit your time and make sure you complete every available task per day. You earn by competing with either the environment (PvE) or real-life player (PvP). As you win battles, you get Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) which you can use to buy or trade in the Axie infinity community. 

Aside from winning battles and completing your daily tasks, you can also earn more profits in the Axie infinity community by breeding more Axies. Remember that the Axie Infinity community is fast growing. As a result, there are always constant demands for Axies b newcomers or existing players. 

Final Words 

Axie Infinity has become a better alternative to formal employment, especially for younger folks who derive pleasure in playing video games. Whether you are presently unemployed or looking for ways to multiply your income streams, Axie Infinity is one of the best available means to achieve all that. You can apply for a scholarship if you can’t afford to purchase the starter team of three Axies to start earning potential crypto into your wallet.

Axie Infinity NFTs game
Investing Into Axie Infinity NFTs game

Axie Infinity is a significant online cryptocurrency gaming that is gaining the attention of people around the world at the moment. Axie Infinity won the heart of people because they were able to create a platform for the player to play games to earn in cryptocurrency, and also, there is much fun in the game.

Entertainment is not what the Axie Infinity game only got. Also, players can get involved in the financial arrangement of the system.

Again, Axie Infinity’s popularity sprang up in the Philippines when Covid-19 seriously affected the economy that people could not go to work after the lockdown. After that, many people turned to Axie Infinity as the means of survival. 

Axie Infinity game has created an extensive range of employment and also changed the financial capacity of their players. Axie Infinity allows players to earn tokens when participating in the Infinity game battles and selling some Axie.

 The Axie Infinity operates in a different community with a different mechanism to every other online game. In Axie Infinity, people can earn tokens and change them to real money at the designated cryptocurrency exchange through Play -to- Earn method. 

This method and technological development has tremendously brought millions of people into the community of Axie Infinity, and many are gaining their sustenance through the Axie Infinity game. 

Players can earn SLPs (Smooth Love Portion) tokens when they fight and win battles in the Axie Infinity NFTs game and complete daily tasks. These are the token needed to breed the new creatures.

AXS token is another token earned by players, and it is an Ethereum token that allows players to access the ecosystem of the game. Axie Infinity enables players to sell their Axies for tokens within the confinement of the game, and also players are allowed to exchange their tokens into fiat currency.

The ecosystem of the Axie Infinity game is a very flexible one that has over 1.8 million daily users and, as recorded, over $33million. The ecosystem of Axie Infinity allows players to take charge of some part of the game; also, players can get paid from their involvement in the game.

Axies are creatures players will purchase, train, and breed for battles with other players. These creatures are battles. They are NFTs. Before any can, the player can participate in the Axie Infinity game, and he must first purchase three Axies, which can be via Ethereum. Axie Infinity is a game that has its operation on the Blockchain. 

These creatures called Axies in the Infinity game have nine classes. You can check the list below to know the classes.

  • Dawn
  • Aqua
  • Beast
  • Dusk
  • Reptile
  • Mech
  • Bug
  • Bird
  • Plant

The roles of the Axies in the battles are by their strength and weaknesses. Player s will use more of SLPs to breed Axies. All the classes of the Axies have different attributes, which also affect the game and winning. Let me give a little explanation of the four stat attributes.

  • Morale. This class allows the pets to increase the chance to attack the opponent severally before the Axies get hit.  
  • Speed. The pets (Axies) with rates tend to attack the opponent more.
  • Skill. Axis possess skills to increase the damages on the opponents
  • Health. Every Axis has a limit to the damage that can knock it out. 

Ways to earn from Axie Infinity.

In the Axie Infinity game, there are many ways in which the players can earn tokens, and it changed to hard currency through Blockchain. Let me quickly explain some possible ways.  

When you earn the SLPs, the player can now sell them at the Axie Marketplace. In the Adventure Mode, the player’s reward depends on the level, and the player can get a maximum of 50 SLPs per day. 

The Arena bracket you belong to also determines how much SLP you get. Players also earn an additional 25 SLP per day for completing the daily task.

  • Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). This token is another way players make a passive income. AXS token is a currency in the governance of Axie Infinity. The player can also use this token to request their rewards. The sudden rise in the Axie Infinity revenue has given the player a share of the success that stale the AXS token. Learn more about AXS token Click Here
  • Train and Sell Axis. Players can choose if to use or sell the Axis on the marketplace. The qualities of the Axies have determined the price. The higher the quality, the higher the price, and conversely, the poor the quality, the poor the price. Breeding Axies with good quality can be understood.
  • Axie Scholarship Program. The Axie Scholarship program is the platform you can lend out your Axis, whether you breed it or buy it from the marketplace, to other users and get your share based on percentage from their earnings. The lender or manager decides the rules and regulations of the scholarship program. The agreement is always 50-50, 70-30, or 60-40. 
  • Axie Infinity land. This section of Axie Infinity is Digital Land NFTs where the player who owns plots of land can design it to make it profitable. They can also rent out to other players or sell it when the value increases. 


Axie Infinity is an excellent digital investment where you earn tokens and exchange them on Blockchain to make a considerable profit. Besides the profit-making aspect of the game, if you are looking for a long-term investment, trust me, Axie Infinity NFTs is number one. If you are a lover of entertainment and fun in gaming, Axie Infinity is loaded. I hope this article has helped you to invest in Axie Infinity. Out of the numerous online video games, Axie Infinity is the mother to all. A lot of people are finding life convenient through this game.