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Top 6 Benefits of Investing In Play-To-Earn GALA Games

I have been very conversant with the new gaming; you may not have heard about play-to-earn games that help people make money while catching fun. Gala Games is a crypto-based online video game that enables people to earn in-game tokens converted to real-life money. Upon conversion, you can transfer your money to the bank or withdraw cash to pay your daily bills and expenses. 

As a result, recent years have seen an explosion in the play-to-earn gaming industry with the fusion of Blockchain and Metaverse. GALA Games is one such project that’s making waves for users globally.

What Is GALA Games About?

GALA Games is a blockchain-gaming play-to-earn platform that aims to give gamers an exciting and rewarding gaming experience and permit them to earn as they play. It’s been around for a while, and we want you to see why this might be an excellent place to have fun and earn.

Founders and Statistics of User

If you’ve played Mafia Wars or Poker or Farmville, that means you’re a Galatian, and this is why.

Eric Schiermeyer, Co-Founder of Zynga, a social and mobile game company, inspired the development of those games mentioned above.

However,  in July 2019, he launched this play to earn to give users a more exciting experience in the Blockchain space, where they can have more control over what is created and make money having fun. 

Mind the words “play-to-earn.”

Since launching in 2019, Gala Games has grown to 1.3 million monthly active users, and 26,000 NFTs have been sold, with the most expensive piece valued at $3 million. That’s quite impressive for a barely one year-plus-old project.

The Blockchain

It runs on the Ethereum network, which is one of the most viable Blockchain structures for developing utilities. Although, gas fees are a significant downside. With this in view, Polygon became a better option as a layer 2 platform on Ethereum other than the layer 1 structure.

The Top 6 Benefits of Playing Gala Games

1. Ownership structure

Previous games have shown that players could spend lots of money to play games but nothing to show for it other than the excitement. With play-to-earn games like GALA, players use NFTs and other utilities in a decentralized network, giving them ownership as they are involved in the playing process. So as a player, you can decide to sell your NFTs after playing with them for a while and earn some cool cash. That’s the beauty of games and Defi put together.

2. Partnerships

Many partnerships are going on for the GALA play-to-earn game, but one of the best we’ve seen is with The New World. On Aug. 18, 2021, Gala Games announced its partnership with 888 The New World, a digital art marketplace built and run by artists. All of these are driven by a community-focused vision to allow artists and gamers to get rewarded for the work they do and enjoy.

3. Supply of the GALA token

The current circulation of GALA is 6.9 billion, with a max supply of 36 billion. 17.1 million GALA is targeted to be distributed daily between Jul. 21 2021 and Jul. 20 2022. And then, every Jul. 21, the daily distribution of the GALA cryptocurrency will be halved. 

(Several speculations show that one advantage of halving in the crypto space is reducing supply. If all things are equal, prices will go up, and that’s more profit for holders.) That means there will be a daily distribution of 8.5 million GALA from Jul. 21, 2022, to Jul. 20 2023… and it continues. Where to buy and sell GALA?

One of the signals to look out for when analyzing a crypto asset is the platforms where the asset is listed. Binance remains one of the most trusted exchanges. Other platforms include OKEx, Mandala Exchange, Huobi Global, and FTX. 

4. Variety and ease of Games

The gala play-to-earn game was designed to house many games with different experiences.

  • Town Star is a town simulation game where play to earn players manage a town they own. It can be played in a browser as well
  • Fortified is a player-versus-player tower defense game. Players compete by building the best tower defense strategies to defend their tower against attacks.
  • Mirandus shows an epic fantasy game (RPG) staged in a massive territory controlled by five player-monarchs. As the players win in battles, they get rights to own conquered lands like small farms and cities.
  • Echoes of Empire is another game to earn game designed to depict a galaxy at war. Each player owns spaceships used for battle against opponents.
  • Spider Tank is a multiplayer play-to-earn game where players pick a “spider tank” and fight with each other. Though it’s a free-to-play game, it contains in-game earning mechanisms. 

5. Community Driven

Previously, games were developed and released to users with little or no participation from the users. However, with Blockchain-based projects, community reliance is critical with platforms like discord and telegram. And Gala Game is not left out of this.

So the community influences what games are designed, the changes implemented in the designs, and approvals through community votes.

6. Consensus structure

Consensus structure or mechanism talks about how any particular blockchain project wants to make agreements or decisions regarding its network activities and rewards. For the Gala Node ecosystem, there are three different consensus mechanisms:

  • Proof-of-Work (PoW) represents the founders’ mode.
  • Proof-of-Stake (PoS) represents the paid nodes.
  • Proof-of-Storage, free nodes that will make the game less reliant on centralized systems like Amazon S3.

This structure gives it more strength with flexibility. For GALA Games, it’s not just hype. It’s entertainment, community, and reward for engagement.


Gala games are one of the most lucrative play-to-earn games available in the present market. Since it’s primarily for money-making purposes, the developers of this game deliberately created it to make earnings easy. If you are ready to join the play to earn community, Gala games can be a choice. 

Tips on how to select the best play-to-earn game

So, you’ve not heard about play-to-earn games? You’re missing a lot of opportunities and great chances. Have you seen people making it big around you? And what do you think when you see them holding their mobile phones, and they look serious as someone doing a severe online business? You must have been looking at them as an unserious type. You can assume and judge them by saying they are wasting precious time. But yet you see them doing great things in life. 

Honestly, you need to move closer to them. Do you know that the gaming world is improving? Do you know that you can play some games and earn money? Perhaps, play-to-earn games are the brain behind those you see smiling and having fun with their phone, yet they are not begging for food. Trust me; you need to rise and do the needful. The world is going virtual ultimately. What we all count as a waste of time in the olden days is the one making people relevant and moving them forward. So, you should proceed with the cloud. Please join the league of people that are making it in the gaming world.

However, there are countless play-to-earn games today. But you have to choose the best one that suits you. Then, how will you know the one that suits you? There’s nothing to worry about. This write-up is here to do justice to that. But you have a role to play. Your part is to pay attention and shun all distractions right now. 

But before I provide the details, I want to take you through the meaning of play-to-earn games. Explaining the significance of play-to-earn games will serve as background knowledge. 

What are play-to-earn games? 

Play to earn games are video games that come with a massive reward. There’s an enormous connection between these games and blockchain technology. So, when you see a video game that yokes cryptocurrency to tip or reward players with something tangible that has real-world and a computer-generated world value. Rewards given are non-fungible tokens, crypto coins unique tokens that can be used to prove the proprietorship of content like music or images. Therefore, as the name suggests, you should know that play-to-earn games are games that join the fun with rewards. They are games that are created to turn people’s lives around. With the rewards attached to these games, these games are now ruling the world. Like, no one is willing to play games for fun alone these days when you know that there are games you can play and there’ll be an increase to your income. 

How do I pick the best play-to-earn games?

The first thing you need to do is understand the term “play-to-earn games.” If you know this concept, you’ll have to start looking or searching for the best that suits you. Remember, I said earlier that there are several play-to-earn video games. So you must carefully look for the one that suits you. Then, how do you do that? Below are things you need to consider before picking or selecting a video game to make money;

  1. Traits: It is expedient for you to choose based on your qualities. There are several areas in video games. For instance, if you are a football lover, you’ll see a play-to-earn game with that football flavour. If you love football, you can start playing Sorare. Sorare is a game that fits your trait. Therefore, let me give you a clue about what this game is all about. This play-to-earn game (Sorare) is a crypto-based imaginary football game with blasted popularity of being both credibly amusing and rewarding in one place. It was established by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort in 2018. The milestone of this unique game can extensively increase its content to bring players with approved football players from two hundred and twenty-seven teams. I mean teams like Arsenal, Manchester City and Barcelona. The gameplay of this unique game is straightforward as a classic football match from actual performances of players in battles that are real. As a player, one can be a manager. And your duty as a manager is to draft players. On the other hand, if your area of interest is to play games full of actions, breaking missions and adventures, countless rounds of this nature will reward you bountifully.
  2. Consider the nature of the coin in the game: You need to look into this as well carefully. There are games that their coins are not popular in the marketplace. Their NFTs are not as popular as Axie, MBOX etc. So, if you choose to play the game that its coin is not popular, you might not see anyone that will buy those coins from you. Therefore, it is expedient for you to look into this aspect carefully.

 Some Non-fungible tokens are still crawling. People’s eyes are not on them. Hence, you must do thorough research on this before choosing or selecting a video game. I have seen someone who plays a game, and he hasn’t seen anyone buy the coins allocated to him in that game. If he had taken some time to know the currency reigning on the Ethereum blockchain, for instance, he might not have even engaged in the game. I am saying this to guide you.

List of some play-to-earn games you’ll like 

  • Axie Infinity
  • Sorare
  • League of Kingdoms
  • Crazy kings
  • Decentraland
  • Splinterland 
  • Forest Knight
  • Mobox
  • God’s Unchained

The above-listed games are play-to-earn games that will reward you bountifully. For Instance, Axie Infinity has close to two million active users. Also, Axie Infinity made up to one billion dollars in sales in 2021. So, you won’t regret playing any of these games. However, don’t forget to learn more about this game before playing them. Learning about them will help you know if they are meant for you.


Dear reader, hopefully, this article is doing something in your life right now. Why not share the link to this page with friends and families? Then, if you have any questions regarding this topic, please drop them in the comment box. 

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